December 31, 2013.

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September 11, 2011

Limitless (2011)

When it's over, success should be defined by who you are and what you do, not what drug you are taking.  Bradley Cooper makes a dramatic turn in acting as Eddie Morra, a writer that has hit rock bottom, until a friend offers him an experimental drug which heightens the brain's ability to retain, store, and sort information.  The drug turns Eddie's life around and soon, he becomes dependant on it.  I thought the film was original, entertaining, and well thought out.  I liked the visual effects used to show what was going through the minds of people taking the drug.  It was all very psychedelic - very cool.  However, I didn't like the message the film was sending.  Rated at 14A, it sends the message, especially to young viewer, that taking drugs is okay and that in small controlled doses, you can use it to gain what you want, whether that be success or popularity.  The film glamorizes the use of drugs, and although it does explore the side effects of drugs and potential pitfalls, the film ultimately chose to be pro drug as illustrated by Eddie's decision to continue using it to stay on top of his game.  I think a more appropriate ending would be that he gets off the drug, and learns from his mistakes, and starts his life over, which can also be considered a life of success.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5


  1. Bradley Cooper did a great job in this film. He's a solid actor and I think this film will move his career forward to more serious roles. Hats off also to Robert DeNiro for finally playing a serious, believable character. I'd have to agree on the message of the film though, we should all strive to be the better person WITHOUT drugs.

  2. I didn't expect anything at all going into this film but I actually enjoyed watching it. I like the huge difference between the gloomy, drab hues when he wasn't on drugs as opposed to the vibrant hues when he's on drugs. The story does favour the use of drugs a little although one would still think twice about the riskiness of its effects. Good performance by Bradley Cooper, not that the role requires intensity, it's just a very light, entertaining film for me.