December 31, 2013.

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July 23, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger 3D (2011)

When it's over, I really enjoyed the film's special effects, action sequences, and nostalgia.  Yeah, it was a bit cheesy in some scenes, but overall, it was entertaining.  I really liked how this film showcased Howard Stark and Stark Industries linking it seamlessly to Iron Man and the upcoming Avengers movie (there's a nice clip of the film after the credits). This film's very reminiscent of the 1991 movie Rocketeer, which isn't surprising since both Rocketeer and Captain America were directed by the same man, Joe Johnston.  I wasn’t too surprised by the lack of character development as it seems to be the norm lately with most comic book adaptations.  I get this feeling, that as a viewer, I’m suppose to know the histories of the characters from the comic books prior to the film, which is an assumption producers shouldn't make.  Actor Chris Evans holds up well as Steve Rogers, the pint-size soldier with a big heart turned superhero when he agrees to participate in a top secret military project.  Evans looks the part from beginning to end, thanks in part to special effects and photoshop to make him look thin and frail in the early parts of the film.  Also, there’s something in the way Evans’s put together – I think it's his old fashioned boyish hair cut that keeps his character sincere, innocent, and likable throughout the film.  No comic book story would be complete without the girl, and the task fell to British actress, Hayley Atwell playing Peggy Carter, who was able to add some gumption to her otherwise boring character.  One character I didn’t like was Johann Schmidt (aka: Red Skull) played by Hugo Weaving.  The Red Skull looked like a cross between Skeletor from the He-Man days and Jim Carrey's The Mask, but red.  The Red Skull wasn't menacing like what you'd expect from a comic book villian, thus not a worthy foe for Captain America. 

My rating: 4 out of 5


  1. Chris Evans was sooooo hot in this film. I liked this movie because it was a superhero movie and it had awesome visual effects but for nothing more. The story line was underdeveloped. There was next to no character development, except for that of Captain America and overall the movie felt kind of rushed. So much happened and yet so much just went unsaid and we as the viewers are expected to just accept that. Hugo Weaving, I don't know what to say, watching him in this film was like watching him as Agent Smith in the Matrix all over again. So tired of seeing him play the narcissistic, obsessive, evil dude. Yeah he's good at it but please just let it go, SMH!

  2. I am so into Captain america because you took me to the movie theater!-Evan

  3. Captain america was such a good movie, the best super hero movie ever made!!!!

    Captain Canada

  4. Let's see how Captain America fares alongside Ironman, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye (did I miss anyone else?) I'm sure all the characters will want their fair share of screen time.