December 31, 2013.

This blog is now closed. After three years and 311 posts, I have decided to end this blog. I have enjoyed watching the films, reviewing them, and interacting with global readers.

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May 28, 2011

Black Death (2010)

 When it's over, I neither liked the film nor disliked it.  My indifference to the film cancels each other out.  I think the film moved at a good pace, it had interesting characters, and was very realistic to the time period it portrayed - at least to a non-historian such as myself.  However, the film didn't win me over, mainly due to the ending, which I felt killed the story.  I felt the ending didn't come full circle; and furthermore, having one of the main characters convert to the "dark" side made all the deaths that led to the ending seem pointless.  The cast of European actors make the film feel authentic - no phony accents in this film - and having the film shot completely in Germany added a "new" look to medieval England.  The film is set in the days of the bubonic plague, where fear of witches and sorcery drive men to evil extremes.  The church sends the Bishop's envoy, Ulrich, played by Sean Bean, along with several soldiers to capture a necromancer, who is able to make the dead rise.  Ulrich is guided by a young monk, played by Eddie Redmayne, whose destiny may or may not lie with God. 

My rating: 2.5 out of 5

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