December 31, 2013.

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September 7, 2013

The Host (2013)

When it’s over, lots of kissing. Not much of a surprise, since this film was a Stephanie Meyer (author of the Twilight series) story. I have not read The Host, so I cannot compare the book's adaptation to film. I think this was a good thing, because I had no preconceived ideas of the characters or plot. An alien race has invaded Earth by taking over human bodies and erasing their memories. When Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) becomes the alien’s next victim, her consciousness fights to join forces with her Host entity, in the attempt to protect and save the people she loves. At times, I found the film slow and all the kissing a bit pointless, but once I accepted this was a sci-fi love story between beautiful young people (catering to younger audiences), it wasn’t hard to just let the cheesiness drip where they may. The story was actually interesting and entertaining. It was smart in that it did not leave any stones un-turned.  I was content with the ending, leaving me neither wanting more nor confused. The film offered an alternative perspective on alien invaders. They were still bad, and humans were still at risk, but what was different was the absence of excessive violence and overblown destruction, a much needed departure from the films dominating the screens in the past few years, especially in this genre. There were elements of The Body Snatchers and E.T., but The Host didn’t try to mimic those films. I liked the setting, and the underground caves, which took the viewer outside of the city and into the realm of mother nature. There were some beautiful photography, and the set designs inside the caves were really cool. I liked the cavern of glow worms the best, only seconded by the wheat field in the grand cave. The acting was decent, nothing noteworthy. The addition of William Hurt as Jeb, the leader of the human resistance, was a wise choice. He brought a good balance of strength and philosophical value to the story, which otherwise would have just been another love stricken teen flick. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this film. 

My rating: 4 out of 5

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