December 31, 2013.

This blog is now closed. After three years and 311 posts, I have decided to end this blog. I have enjoyed watching the films, reviewing them, and interacting with global readers.

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January 16, 2013

Jack Reacher (2012)

When it's over, I actually enjoyed this film. I went into the film half-hearted after disliking the film's trailer. I had a difficult time picturing Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, an ex-military detective turned vigilante, the iconic character created by author Lee Child.  I judged prematurely, and am glad to be proved wrong. While investigating a case involving a military sniper (Joseph Sikora) who has allegedly shot five random victims, Jack Reacher uncovers a set-up that stems to government corruption. I liked the unraveling of the mystery and how the story was more about wit than brawn. No fancy gadgets adorned the sets. No elaborate wardrobe was worn by the protagonist. The film reminded me of an old school crime drama. There was plenty of action involving revved up car chases, fist fights, and gun play. Cruise appeared in excellent shape and fared well in his fight sequences. Not bad for a man who has turned 50 years old.  There wasn't any big holes in the plot left unfilled and just enough character development to help me follow the story. Rosamund Pike played the love interest, but unfortunately, the relationship didn't go beyond a few "almost" kissing moments. Too bad. One kiss would have helped secure more female fans, since the film was targeted for male audiences.  

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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